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Bar Practice Question for February 28th

A dog owner filed a lawsuit against a veterinarian for emotional distress arising from an injury to her dog. The dog had a rare blood disease for which the vet prescribed medication. After being administered the medication, the dog developed a massive blood clot, which resulted in the emergency amputation of the dog's right hind leg. The veterinarian denied liability, claiming that nothing in the medication could have caused the massive blood clot. The dog owner seeks to introduce the testimony of a witness who is the head of another veterinary clinic. The witness intends to testify that in the past 12 months, he has treated five other dogs with the same rare blood disease using the same medication and that those dogs suffered from the same kind of blood clotting in the right hind leg as the dog owner's dog. The veterinarian objected to this testimony.

Should the trial judge find the testimony admissible or inadmissible?

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