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Bar Practice Question for August 5th

A woman was stopped behind a man at a red traffic signal controlling a major suburban intersection. The woman was driving her relatively new sedan. When the traffic signal changed to green and the woman attempted to accelerate gradually, the car lunged forward, rear-ending the man's car. The man was severely jolted, banging his head against the glass rear window of his pickup truck cab. The man felt some pain in his lower back, but after exchanging addresses with the woman proceeded home, ate dinner, and then went to a hockey match, as planned. At the hockey arena, the man slipped in some spilled beer which the hockey arena had negligently failed to clean up, aggravating the back injury from the automobile accident, and leading to paralysis. In a suit by the man against the woman, the only evidence on liability offered by the man was an expert who testified that the carburetor of the sedan was defective, causing a surge in the gasoline supply at the time of initial acceleration. The woman makes a motion to dismiss.

How should the court rule?

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