Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) Example Questions

These free practice questions are the best way to familiarize yourself with the style and feel of the new item types that you will encounter on the Next Generation NCLEX.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Next Gen NCLEX

The Next Generation NCLEX launched on April 1st, 2023. As of this date, all test takers will be administered the NGN regardless of their graduation year.

The most significant test change on the Next Gen NCLEX is the introduction of new item (question) types. Stand-alone items consist of two types. Case studies are displayed on a split-screen and will use 12 item types. Look to our examples of Next Generation NCLEX questions above to further understand the difference.

The Next Gen NCLEX is different from its predecessor due to its real-life scenarios and more in-depth questions designed to test your clinical judgment. The new item types may also present a challenge for some test takers.

Following a Next Gen NCLEX review course and utilizing our Next Gen NCLEX practice questions are some of the best ways to study for the NGN. Increase your confidence on exam day by familiarizing yourself with the new NGN item types and formatting so there are no surprises.

Test takers can expect between 70-135 scored questions on the Next Gen NCLEX in addition to 15 pretest questions that are not scored. The exact number of questions a test taker will encounter on the Next Gen NCLEX varies because the exam uses Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT), so questions are geared toward the level of each person taking the exam based on their previous responses.

The NCSBN has chosen 12 new item (question) types for use with case studies and 2 for the use of stand-alone items on the Next Generation NCLEX. Stand-alone items consist of two types: a bow-tie item and a trend item. Case studies consist of 12 item types: Matrix multiple-choice, Matrix multiple-response, Multiple-response: Select all that apply, Multiple-response: Select N, Multiple-response: Grouping, Drag-and-drop: Cloze, Drag-and-drop: Rationale, Drop-down: Cloze, Drop-down: Rationale, Drop-down: Table, Highlight: Text, and Highlight: Table.

Yes, you can get partial credit on the Next Gen NCLEX. The NGN's new scoring system is polytomous, meaning a test taker's response may be partially correct and receive partial credit. Partial credit on the NGN is assigned in three ways: +/- scoring, 0/1 scoring, and "all or nothing" scoring.

No, the new NCLEX is not all multiple-choice. Multiple-choice questions are the most common NCLEX question, but you will also see select all that apply questions, hot spot questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, and many other question types.